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Short Bio:
Princeton's real name is Jacob Perez. He was born & raised in Los Angeles, California to a single Mother. Princeton went to the Debby Allen Dance Academy & got his break in the entertainment world doing comercials for Sketcher, Nike, & McDonalds. He then made apperances as "Cupid Boy" in Cupids Chokehold & a bullied kid in Shoot down the stars, music videos for Gym Class Heroes. Princeton Birthday is April 21, 1997. His zodiac sign is Taurus. His influences are Michael Jackson, John Lennon & Prince. His favorite movies are anything directed by Tim Burton. His favorite food is Chilli Cheese Fries. His Favorite color is Green. His fashion style is cool V-necks or graphic tees. Designer jeans, boots, sweaters or jackets with intresting collars & glasses. His favorite brands are Dsquared2, Diesel, Energie, Y-3, Yves St. Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Carrera, & Ray Ban. What makes him "Mindless" is he loves to stand out & embrace his nerdy side. He's not afraid to say that he is a smart kid. Princeton signature accessory's are his glasses & of course his hair.


Princeton Imagines & Love Stories <3

Can I help you finish what you’ve started? Pt. 1 (Imagine) (Rated R)

Your at work & it’s almost 8 o’clock, which means its almost time for the work day to be over with. You are extremely tired & ready to go home & take a nice long hot bath in the new whirl pool tube you had installed a couple days ago. On your way home you get a phone call from your boyfriend “Princeton”, who was on tour with MB.
Hello? “hey babe, I miss you” I miss you too, when are you coming home? “I don’t know yet babe, there were a couple of extra shows added to the tour”. (You let out a big sigh) Ugh! Im so proud of you babe, but I really wish this tour would be over already…I need you…(You said in a seductive tone). “Trust me (y/n) I need you too!, but babe I just called to say I love you, I’m going in for sound check now.” Okay Prince, call me before you go to sleep. “Of course babe, love you”. Love you too, ttyl.
You pull into the drive way of the condo you share with Princeton when he is home, & drag your feet to the front door. Throwing the keys on the table by the door, you head up stairs & start the steamy bath water with cucumber melon bubbles. While the water is running, your standing in the mirror taking your hair down out of the tight pulled back pony tail you had wore to work & combed your fingers through your hair. All you could think about was the conversation you just had with Princeton & how much you missed him…and his touch. The bath water is done running, so you sit on the edge of the tube with your feet in the water, to adjust to the hot tempeture you had made it. Slowly sliding in to the water, you take a deep breathe in & let it out. Your mind is So relaxed & your eyes are closed. Thinking of Princeton your hands start to wonder your body going over all your curves and eventually end up at your woman hood. You start pleasing yourself….Meanwhile….TBC


Can I help you finish what you’ve started? Pt. 2 (Imagine) (Rated R)

….Meanwhile….Little did you know Princeton was actually 20 minutes from home when you had the phone conversation with him. He was trying to surprise you… Your getting more & more closer to your climax, but not quite there. You were taking your time pleasuring yourself & absorbing every move you make with your index & middle fingers.
Princeton pulls up in a taxi from the airport and quietly crept his way into the house. He looked around for a moment & realized you must be upstairs. He knows how you like your bubble baths after a long day of work. Princeton creeps up the stairs to the bedroom you both share, & hear faint moaning. He giggled to himself & turned to look in the dresser mirror & gave his big curly hair a quick fluff. He slid the bathroom door open & walk in without you hearing, & you didn’t notice because your eyes were still closed. Then you heard him say…
“Can I help you finish that?” Your eyes popped open & you sat up because you were startled, but you were beyond happy! You didn’t say anything, but had a smirk on your face letting him know “good one, you got me”. (Sitting up on the edge of the tube you gesture for him to join you). Princeton pulls his sublime shirt with the sleeves cut off over his head & unbuckled his jeans without taking them all the way off. He walks over to the tube & sits on the edge with you. His soft lips collided with yours & you ran your fingers through his hair. He traced his fingers all the way down your back slowly & up again. Princeton starts to put gentle kisses on you, from your ear lobe, down your neck, to your shoulder blade. While you both are still sitting on the edge, he grabs your hips & pulls you slightly forward & then you leaned back on the wall. He plants kisses from your knees all the way down your inner thighs & plants one gentle kiss on your clit. You say to Princeton “Don’t tease me babe it’s been too long”. He looks up at you with a devilish grin & starts to message your clit with his tongue, rolling it around in a circle & then flicking it. You grab a hand full of his curls because you are almost at your peak, you can feel your body tensing up, & just then he stops & says, “I don’t want you to cum yet” . He stands up & pulls down his jeans & boxer briefs, Princeton was as hard as a rock & bigger than you remembered. Standing in front of you, you take his man hood in your hands & swirl your tongue around the head while doing a twisting motion with both your hands. You try to put the full leanth of him in your mouth til the head touched the back of your throat. You look up at him & he had his head tilted back, biting his Bottom lip, rolling his eyes in the back of his head. Then he pulls out of your mouth & says, “(y/n) I can’t take it anymore, I need to feel me inside you now!” ….TBC


Can I help you finish what you’ve started? Pt. 3 (Imagine) (Final) (Rated R)

Princeton picks you up & you wrap your legs around his waist, as he’s walking you over to the his & her sink. You & Princeton are passionately kissing & without warning he inserts his 9inch ego inside your woman hood & pauses for a few moments, giving your walls a chance to adjust to his large size. Princeton says to you “Do you feel papi?”.You reply with a faint moan & lustful breathing in his ear…yes papi, but I wanna feel you in my stomach…Princeton starts to grind his hips slowly with yours. You both move in sync with each others movements. The slow deep, grinding Princeton is doing is hitting every G-spot in your pussy, & he lets out heavey breathing into your neck as you dig your finger nails into his back. “Who’s is it?” It’s yours baby…Princeton says a little louder…”Who’s is it!?” It’s yours papi!…“I love you (y/n)”.You just moan louder. (Princeton turns you over, so your leaning on the sink, facing the mirror). Now hitting it doggie style, Princeton speeds up the pace of his long stroke, while gripping your hips. “Throw it back baby”. You are Prince are colliding into each other & in the position you are in you can feel every painfully, pleasurable stroke he was giving you…I’m bout to cum baby, Mmmm keep going just like that. “Cum with me baby”. Princeton grabs a hand full of your hair with one hand & places the other hand on your shoulder. With the last few pounding strokes he gave you, you both climax at the same time. With you still leaning over the sink, He leans over with you & lays his head on your back & says “That was long over due (y/n), You have the best pussy (Giggling)”. You turn to face him & tell him…Babe you wore me out, & my legs are shaking…You wrap your arms around his neck & he gives you one gentle kiss on yours & says “Well then i did my job”. & gave himself a wink & a smirk in the mirror. ;-) The End.


What happens on tour, stays on tour…NOT! Pt. 1 (Love Story) (Rated M for Mature)

You & Princeton we’re high school sweet hearts & 2 years after graduating, you both moved into a cozy loft together in NYC. Your 5 year anniversary was Today & Princeton’s plane would land in 2 hours. He was fresh off the CTMD tour with MB in Europe. You were trying to set up a very sexy, romantic dinner, & on the menu was Sushi & Saki. You felt he needed some Saki after his long flight to loosin him up a little. Your running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, trying to make sure everything is perfect. Time is flying by, & before you knew it, it was time for you to go pick up Princeton from JFK airport…..pulling up to passenger pick-up, you see Princeton standing there wareing green sweat pants, a yellow shirt with a big mustache on it, & a jean jacket that had more buttons on it than you could count. He had the top half of his curls pulled up into a puff ball on the top of his head. He had his headphones on & his peace sign luggage next to him. He spots you & instantly the most beautiful smile lite up his face from ear to ear, & you felt those butterflies in your stomach like it was the first time you’d ever seen him….He threw his luggage in the back seat & jumped in the front, & without saying anything, he grabbed the back of your neck & collided his soft lips with yours, making you almost lose your breathe. He said “I have waited so long to do that! I missed you so much Mami!”. ….I missed you even more Papi! I was 5 more minutes from going insane!…. (Making Princeton Blush), he says “Let’s go home”, (Smiling at you & locking his fingers with your right hand).
You pull into the parking garage of the building you both lived in, & in the elevator you were telling Princeton you couldn’t wait for him to see his surprise. You told him to close his eyes, & you guided him into the loft & said…Ok babe, open!…Princeton opened his eyes & smiled so big. He saw rose petals everywhere & fresh Sushi displayed on the coffee table next to the fire place, huge pillows on the floor so you both could sit, you wanted him to have the full experience of a Sushi restaurant. There was a bottle of Saki chilled in a ice bucket & soft music playing in the back round. You walk over to light the fire place & Princeton says to you “Babe this is amazing, I can’t believe you did all this!” …I just want this night to be perfect, you deserve it Prince, you’ve been so good to me & after all these years you still take my breathe away… ” I love you Mami” …I love you too Papi, but I want you to come with me, let me cater to you tonight…Princeton gives you a smirk, & you grab his hand and lead him to the bath room…I know you had a long flight babe & I know your tired so let me help you bathe. Princeton smiles at you & says “Are you going to join me?” (Giving you a wink), & you say…Nope, don’t worry we have plenty of time to do “that”…Teasing him, you look him dead in his eyes with a seductive smile & you peel his jean jacket off of him & pull his shirt over his head. Then place your hands on both sides of his hips, grabbing his sweat pants & boxer briefs at the same time & slowly pull them down, but as you pull his pants down, you go down with them. You stand up, & Prince gave you a strange look, because you didn’t do, what he thought you were about to do, which was give him head. You tell him to step into the shower, it had tall glass doors that reached the ceiling & a shower head as big as a basketball. Princeton goes along with what you tell him to do. His back is facing you & you lean over & whisper in his year…just enjoy this, tonight is your night…You start to wash his back & every where else. Prince starts biting his bottom lip, because he never been teased so good. “Babe” …You shhh him & finish cleansing him….Get dressed Papi & come to dinner. You walk out the bathroom, throwing one last smirk over your shoulder before you exit.
Princeton is standing in the mirror looking at himself, puzzled. Surprised, saying to himself, “Tonight is going to be good! Ooh Man!”. …TBC…


What happen on tour, stays on tour…NOT! Pt. 2 (Love Story) (Rated M for Mature)

Your sitting at the coffee table, gazing at the fireplace. Princeton walks out of the bath room with nothing but black basketball shorts on & you could still see some water droplets on his bronze skin where he didn’t dry of completely. He sits on the pillow across the table from you & says “Babe this looks amazing! I’m starving” …Well dig in babe. (Smiling at him & poring you both a couple of shots of Saki). you both are laughing & talking, catching up & Princeton is telling you about how beautiful Europe was. “(y/n) it was everything, I loved it there! I can’t wait to go back in a couple of months, but I’ll miss you like crazy” …it’s ok Prince, you know I’ll always be here when you come home…You two just smiled at each other. “I have to use the rest room, I’ll be right back” …k babe…As soon as Prince closed the bathroom door, his cell sitting on the table started vibrating, he had an incoming text, but you ignored it. It vibrated again & you thought to yourself, someone must really need to get ahold of him. You picked up his phone & read the text…
1st TEXT  : Hey babe.
2nd TEXT  : I miss you. Can’t wait for you to come back to London, I’ve never had anybody give it to me the way you did ;-)
You felt tears well up in your eyes but you didn’t let them fall, but you did call the number…
(Phone ringing & a girl with a British accent answers)
Unknown Female: Hey babe, did you get my text?
You: Yea I got them.
Unknown Female: Who is this?
You: This is Princetons girlfriend of 5 years!
Unknown Female: I’m sorry I didn’t know, Good-by…
You: Wait don’t hang up, just tell me your name…
Unknown Female: I’m really sorry…
You: Please, just tell me your name…
Unknown Female: I….I can’t.
You: Please, be a woman…just tell me.
Unknown Female: Jhene… (Hangs up phone)
You hear the door knob of the bathroom door turning & you quickly put the phone in your lap under the table… “Sorry it took so long, must have been the airplane food” (Prince was laughing) …you said with no emotion…Must be….TBC…


What happens on tour, stays on tour…NOT! Pt. 3 (Love Story) (Rated M for Mature)

Princeton sits down & continues talking, not noticing that anything was wrong with you & that you had an attitude. You prop your elbow up on the table & place your had on your cheek. Looking completely emotionless & giving Princeton a stair that looked completely blank, but yet you could still see the hurt in your eyes. Princeton is looking down at the variety of sushi on his plate & still talking. For a brief second he looks up at you cause he realized the conversation he was engaged in was one sided. “What’s wrong (y/n)? You good?” …No…I’m not good…but I heard you were… (Princeton is looking very confused & scrunching his eyebrows) “What are you talking about?” …You take his phone out of your lap & hold it up, so that the text are visible to him…You say to Prince very sarcasticly, Jhene seems to think your very good! (Looking at Princeton with disappointment). Princeton drops his chopsticks & he looked as if he had seen a ghost.
“Babe….I can explain” …No Prince, I don’t think you can… “Babe I was just” , you cut him off…You were just what! You were just what Prince!? “I..I” …No! Let me tell you what you were just doing! You were just throwing away the best thing you’ve ever had! I’ve been your ride or die since high school! Since before your money & your fame! Before anybody even knew who you were! You were just being selfish!, Not thinking about me, I have NEVER cheated on you! You’ve been gone for 3 months & I held you down & kept it classy, & you were thinking with your “head” & not your brain!… “I’m so sorry baby, please I don’t wanna lose you, I was being stupid. Babe I can’t justify what I did, you have to believe me (y/n) I’ll never hurt you again! Your my everything.” (Princeton starts crying & wiping his face as the tears fall) …I can’t trust you anymore. You were the only person who could make my heart beat faster & slower at the same time, but now you made it beat faster & slower at the same time, & it feels like its going to stop! (You run off to the bathroom, hysterically crying & lock the door behind you) …Princeton is on the other side of the door with the palms of his hands & his forehead on the door, begging & pleading with you to unlock the door & talk to him. You say nothing but continue crying as you slide your back down the door Prince was on the other side of, & sit on the floor with your knees In your chest. “I’m so sorry (y/n), I never ment to hurt you. I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t just leave, I won’t…I need you”. (Princeton turns around & slides His back down the locked door as well, sitting on the floor with his elbows propped on his knees & his hands on his head) …Princeton is sniffling & says to himself under his breathe “Please don’t leave me”. …TBC…


What happens on tour, stays on tour…NOT! Pt. 4 (Love Story) (Rated M for Mature)

You stayed in the bathroom all night. You could see the sun peeking threw the window blinds & could hear some birds chirping. Princeton was still sitting on the floor with his back on the door. You knew he was asleep cause you could hear him snoring a little. You got up & looked in the mirror, your face was red & your eyes were swollen from crying all night.(Turning on the cold water, you cup your hands & splash some on your face).At this point your not really sure what your gonna do, but you had some time to calm down.(Walking over to the door you open it up quickly & Princeton falls back & hits the floor. Your feet were on both sides of his head).You look down at him & say…Get up, you look stupid.(You step over him & go have a seat at the kitchen table).

"(y/n) can we please talk? Will you please listen to what I have to say?" (Shrugging your shoulders) You say…I’m listening…”I’m so sorry for hurting you. Cheating on you was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done! Please babe I don’t want you to leave me. I’ll do anything you ask.”…Not only did you cheat on me, you smiled in my face like you did nothing! I’m not sure if your truly sorry & remorseful for betraying me, or if your just sorry you got caught! "I swear babe, i’m sorry! I was never gonna see her again! It happened one time, & I swear I felt so bad afterwards. I knew if I felt that bad about doing it, that telling you what I did would destroy you. Please, just look at me, look me in my eyes…you have to know I’m telling the truth!" (You cross your arms & turn your head away from his) "(y/n)….look at me". (Turning your head to look at Princeton, You stare at him for a while. Then you slam your hand on the table while getting up, to walk towards the door. With your hand on the door knob, you only get it open slightly because Princeton runs up behind you pushing it closed.) …What are you doing!? "Saving this relationship!"…TBC…


What happens on tour, stays on tour…NOT! Pt. 5 (Final) (Love Story) (Rated M for Mature)

You give Princeton a blank Stare, then you try to push him off the door & out of the way, but Princeton won’t budge. (You swing on Princeton with an open hand, but he catches your wrist & forcefully collides his lips with yours. You turn your face breaking the kiss & demand for him to let you go. Princeton drops to his knees, wrapping his arms around your waste tightly & squeezing your butt with his hands. He has his face buried into your stomach. While his tears are falling & his mouth muffled but your stomach he says)“(y/n) please! please!…Don’t leave. I’m nothing with out you!”….I’m sorry with ever fiber of my being, I could die today & be happy with that if I knew you would forgive me!”…You had never seen Prince this way & even though he did wrong, It tore you up inside to see him so distraught. (Moments of silence pasted, & Prince still had his grip on you, Then you said softly & forgiving)…Prince stop crying….your getting my shirt all wet…(You take both of your hands & run them threw his curls until you reached the back of his head, & pulled his head back gently so he was looking up at you. He started to sniffle a little, stopping his tears)…He looked at you with those beautiful brown eyes, that were all puffy & red now & said…”You forgive me?”…You didn’t say anything, but you started to kneel down with him on the floor so that you were eye level with him. (Kissing both of his eyelids softly, you said in almost a whisper)…Don’t ever hurt me this way again….You wrapped your arms around his neck & Princeton took in a deep breathe & let it out into your neck, feeling relieved. Princeton starts peaking your neck with kisses repeatedly & he said “Never…I promise babe”.


After school activites Pt. 1 (Rated R) (Love Story)

You & Princeton are in the 10th grade, & you two have known each other since elementary school. You both had mutual friends but you two wouldn’t call each other friends, more like associates. The funny part was you both secretly had a crush on each other. Princetons bestfriend, Roc was the only person who knew he had this crush on you, but you never told anybody about the crush you had on him, not even your bestfriend…
It’s lunch time, you & Prince along with the rest of your friends were sitting at the table together, talking about classes & gossip. Princeton is sitting right across the table from you, & accidentally kicks your leg under the table, while he was trying to cross his….Ouch! ” I’m sorry, it was an accident”. …It’s ok…Princetons friend Roc says joking but serious “he was trying to play footies with you! (laughing) ” …Princeton starts blushing & looks at Roc like, why did you say that!?, You just look down at your food, smiling & poking around your fork on your plate.
The bell rings for the next class to start. You & Prince have Chemistry together, but you two never spoke to each other. Your sitting at your desk day dreaming not hearing a word the teacher was saying until the teacher said, You & Prince were assigned to work with each other on a project that was gonna be due in 3 days. You look across the room at Prince, but he was already looking at you, giving you a smile & waved his hand at you a little. He gets up & walks toward you, so you straighten up in your set a little. Standing over you, Prince puts his hands on your desk leaning over speaking to you, “So listen, I’m not very good at this science stuff, so maybe we should work on this after school as well. I just wanna make sure we have enough time to get a good grade”. You say nothing, but looked up at him so close to your face & nod yes. I guess you could say you were in a minor state of shock. “Great! So my house or yours?” …Without saying anything once again, you just lift up your hand pointing at yourself… “Dope, so I guess I’ll meet you out front when schools out?” …You finally broke your silence & spoke…(Speaking slowly you say)…Sure…Prince walks back to his desk & just before he could get a chance to sit all the way down in his seat the bell rings, then he looks at you & says “I’m going to my locker, see you in a minute”. ….TBC…


After school activites Pt. 2 (Rated R) (Love Story)

Standing in front of the school, you see Princeton walking out the door, coming towards you. You just think to yourself (I can’t believe I’m gonna be spending time with this beautiful boy…even if it is just doing school work) . “You ready to go? How far do you live from here? …Just a couple of blocks away, it’s not far. “Ok, cool…let’s go”.
The first couple of minutes into your walk, it was silent & a bit awkward, but Prince breaks the silence & says “I can’t believe we’ve never really hung out before, I mean we have the same circle of friends” …Yea that’s kinda crazy… “Yea, well maybe now we’ll get to know each other” …Giving Prince a small smile, you say…Yea…Maybe. You look up & before you knew it, you both were in front of your house….Well this is it! “This is a really nice house”. . Thanks. (You both are walking up to the door, you fumble with your keys, & unlock the door. You start yelling for your Mom). Mom!…Moooom!?….I guess she’s still at work (Shrugging). …Do you want to sit at the kitchen table or do you wanna sit in the living room? “The couch is good, we can relax a little”. You both are sitting on the coach & your a little nervous, so you start talking a lot & pitching ideas on what you two could do for your project. You can kinda see out the corner of your eye that Prince is staring at you. You stop what you were saying and looked at him…What? Do I have something on my face? “No?…your just really pretty”. You start blushing super hard, but trying not to show to much emotion you continue talking about the assignment & jot down notes. (Princeton is still staring at you, but kinda confused, cause he wanted you to say something. He reaches over & takes the pen out your hand & puts it on the table. “(y/n), I have to tell you something” ….what? “I like you a lot, I always have. I just never said anything cause I think your the prettiest girl in school & I didn’t want to get rejected” …Your surprised at what he’s saying to you, because you felt the same way about him… (with a cheesey grin on your face you say) …I like you too!…Princeton’s face lit up with excitement… “(y/n)” …yea? “Can I kiss you?” …You didn’t say anything, but smiled & nod yes. Prince grabs your hands holding them, & leans in for a kiss, you meet him half way. As soon as his lips touched yours, your stomach fluttered & it felt like a thousand butterflies were fighting to sit on the same flower. While your lips were still connected he sets the tip of his soft tongue on your bottom lip, signaling for you to open your mouth. You go with it, & you couldn’t believe what was happening. His tongue was so warm & soft. His kiss was so gental & the way he moved his tounge in your mouth made your teenage hormones run wild! Princeton lets one of your hands go & slowly starts to move his free hand up your thigh underneath your skirt. You squrim a little & break the kiss. Princeton giggles a little & says… “Just relax” …& leans back in to kiss you, you go with it. Princeton takes his hand & move to your inner thighs giving them a little nudge with his hand signaling for you to open a little…you go with it. Prince starts to message your clit with his thumb over your panties. You feel a rush a pleasure. Princeton breaks the kiss moving to your neck to kiss & nibble on it. Then you can feel his warm breathe in your ear as he whispers “Your getting wet” …You sit & think to yourself (Wet? I feel like Niagra falls was down there!) …You push prince back & say to him…Prince wait, I have to tell you something. “What is it?” ….I’m a virgin….TBC….


After school activites Pt. 3 (Rated R) (Love Story)

Princeton says “That doesn’t change the way I feel about you” …You just smile at him, cause that was nice to hear. “We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do…no pressure”. (smiling you say) …but I think I want to, being here with you now, in this moment feels right… “I’ll take it slow, I promise”. …okay… (Prince smiles at you & then gives you a sweet kiss on your cheek) ” I’m glad you want to share your gift with me”. (You stand up, grabbing Princetons hand & guiding him down the hall to your room, it was a one level house). You & Prince sit on the end of your bed next to each other. He puts his hand on the back of your neck & brings you in for a very passionate kiss. You get more into the kiss with him, so you start to unbutton his shirt. Princeton breaks the kiss & pulls your tee over your head leaving you in your floral skirt & a pretty lace powder pink bra. Princeton gets up & stands in front of you while you were still sitting on the end of the bed. He slips his shoes off & unbutton his jeans. You were so nervous that every move he was making seemed like he was moving in slow motion. You were focused on what was about to happen & knew there was no turning back now. You never thought you were ready to lose your virginity until you were with Prince. He made everything seem so easy. You snap back out of your thoughts & Princeton is standing in front of you wearing nothing but his navy blue boxer briefs & you could see every detail of his “mini me”. Prince looks down at his man hood & ask… “Are you ready for this?” …Ready as I’ll ever be…. (Prince is laying you down on the bed, signaling for you to scoot back. He slides his hands up both sides of your outer thighs & garbs your lace panties to pull them down & you lift your butt a little off the bed, making it easy for him to do so. He throws the panties across the room & they land on the top of a giant white teddy bear that was sitting in a chair. Your laying on your back & prince lays in between your legs with his hands on the bed with your head in between them. He starts kissing your neck & moved down to your cleavage because you were still wearing your bra. He plants gental kisses all the way to your navel & then moves past the skirt around your waist. He gave your clit one swift lick, which sent spine tingling chills up your spin as you bit your bottom lip). ….Prince!….Prince lifts his head & said “Shhhh……” Princeton goes back down slowly moving his tounge in circles around your clit, & you gripped the sheets with both hands letting out soft moans. Princeton starts to slowly insert his index finger in your woman hood & doing a twisting motion while still swirling his toung. He lifts his head again to speak, “How does that feel?” …it’s not so bad…he says “okay”, while inserting his middle finger as well…You clinch your jaw a little & then bite your bottom lip again. Princeton is still in between your legs looking up at you. He’s getting hard as a rock, watching your love faces. “Are you ready for me?” …You prop yourself up on your elbows & you tell him yes, speaking with hesitation. Prince takes his two fingers out & puts them in his mouth to clean your juices off of them, & seeing him do that made you even more aroused. He lays on top of you & you can feel his rock hard “mini me” on the outside of your vagina. He whispers in your ear “Are you ready?” …You didn’t say anything but plants a kiss on cheek….TBC….


After school activites Pt. 4 (Final) (Rated R) (Love Story)

You take in a deep breath as Prince puts the tip of his man hood inside you. "Are you OK, do you want me to keep going?"…You close your eyes & nod your head yes. Prince goes inside you just about half way now, & you start to dig your french manicure into his back. Princeton pauses for a minute or so, letting you adjust to his size, while he is kissing your neck. Then you feel his warm breath in your ear, “Okay, I’m gonna put it all the way in now, i have to push. If it hurts to much, you can tell me to stop”…It was nice Prince tried to talk you through this. Princeton tries to push his full length inside you, & when he feels the ball like barrier he says “This is it”. Prince pushes past & he can feel the barrier break, & your body tenses up. Your eyes start to well up with tears, but only a single drop fell & you had your teeth on his shoulder. Prince kisses your tear away as he starts to grind his hips slowly. You felt pain for the first couple of minutes, but soon your pain starts to turn into pleasure. You start to get more into it & move your hips in sync with Princeton’s. Your hips & his were so close together it felt like you became one. The way he grinds his was making his dick message your walls & hit every spot you never knew you had. He says "Your gonna cum soon, I can feel it", & he was right. He could feel your walls throbbing & tightening around his dick with ever stroke he took. "Wait for me…cum with me". Prince props up on his hands with his arms straightened out & was doing a long stroke in & out. You both could see it all. You & Prince are making eye contact & he is biting his bottom lip….Please Prince, I’m gonna cum…You can feel his dick start to throb & it made the sensation for you even more better….(You & Prince are both moaning, & at this point with every stroke the moans get louder, You grip his butt with both hands & you both are looking into each others eyes. He speeds up a bit & pounded out the orgasm you both wanted so bad. The both of you cumming together felt like you were having an outer body experience…It was amazing). Prince lays his head on your chest. "Your heart is racing, mine is too". You play in his hair, while you both try to catch your breath. Prince rolls over & lays next to you & you both are staring at the ceiling. He locks fingers with your left hand & brings it up to give the back of your hand a kiss…(You both sit up fast & look at each other because you can hear the front door opening)…Prince, my Mom is here! "Damn!" (Prince getting up to grab his clothes, putting only just his pants on, & you throw on a over size tee.)…Prince here! You can go out my window. (Prince climbs out the window, onto the back lawn…He starts to run & then quickly turns back giving you one last kiss) Prince smiled at you & said…”See you at school tomorrow”…You said nothing but gave him a smile back & you watch Prince take off down the alley. You grab a book & run & jump on the bed…just then your Mom gave a little knock on the door while opening it. “I’m Home Hun”…Oh hey Mom. “I’m about to start dinner”…OK, ill be out after i finish the chapter…”Ok"…(Your mom turns & starts to close the door, but before she shut it all the way she opened back up & fixed her mouth to say something, then she gave you a curious look & said "Never mind". She closes the door & then you fall back on the bed with a sigh of relief. You turn your head towards the Giant white teddy bear that was sitting in the chair & realized your lace panties were still sitting on top of it’s head).You say to yourself…that was close (Giggling) :-)